The Girl On The Train (Movie VS Book) [Spoiler free]

November 04, 2016

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So the other day it was the cinema party(where I live) which means the cinema was really cheap. Because of that, I went twice in two days(which it's incredible) and today I wanna write about "The Girl On The Train" film.

I read the book a while ago and I really liked it, I still do. So I went to the cinema and I saw the movie, I have to say, I was really disappointed. Even though the movie was really well made and the actors were amazing, It just wasn't what I the expected.

Starting with the actors, even though they are really good actors and they did It really good, they just weren't like the characters. Emily Blunt as Rachel? The character is described as "a drunk, fat and quite ugly" girl and Emily isn't fat and ugly and they could have used another actress and the film would still be fire! I hate the fact that even though the character is supposed to be fat and ugly, Hollywood can't stand having an actress that looked like that, It's so frustrating!... And what about Edgar Ramírez as Dr Kamal Abdic? Edgar is a really handsome Latin actor (don't get me wrong) and the Dr Kamal Abdic (even for the name you can suppose it) it's supposed to be Asiatic and even in the movie, they say it's North American which is crazy and that leads me to the next thing...

The location. Why did they change the city of London for New York? I get that it hasn't to be exactly like the book but still! why change the city when the actress is British? The name of the town is quite similar but when I heard "Manhattan" I just couldn't believe it. It doesn't make sense to me why would they do that? Maybe I should be more informed, but I still think it was wrong

They did a good job explaining the story  (they are some essential scenes missing, in my opinion) and showing how the book is made but I think that anyone that has seen the movie and hasn't read the book, do it. Read the book and enjoy it. I know it's going to be hard not to picture Emily as Rachel but try and you'll love it.

My favourite scene is the end tho, I loved it in the book and I loved it in the movie also, it's shocking and on point.

IF you haven't seen/read it. Do it, and tell me what you think!

have a nice day!




May 25, 2016

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Hello sunshines!

As you may have noticed it's getting hot (IN HERE SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES) so today i'm gonna be showing you some outfits i've been wearing a lot recently.

I love this outfit (i might say this about all of them lol) because if it's extremly hot i can wear it without tights and i would still like it.

This skirt looks good in all kind of bodies, it might be because it's high waisted i don't know, but i've seen it in a lot of people with different bodies and i liked it in all of them. It looks cool with simple sneakers like the ones that i'm wearing or with black boots (even brown ones!) It's from Stradivarius but you can find the same one in ANY shop right now.

The shirt i'm wearing is from Pull&Bear and says "my mind thinks running. My mouth says pizza!!" and it kinda descrives me to be honest. I love white tees with messages or cool graphics. It actually was a present and i don't know if you can still find it but there's a lot of cute white tees on shops right now (and i love them all!) and any color would look good with this skirt to be honest.

I'm wearing tights because that day was quite windy and it was almost raining so i didn't want to be cold. They're from Primark, if i don't remember wrong, and they're comfy enough to spend all day in them and not wanting to die.

The faux leather jacket it's from Primark aswell and i think you can still buy it, depending of the shop you go. It's comfy, and even though it was really cheap the quality seems good enough to be with me for a long time(and i wear it A LOT). I'm also wearing a choker that i bought online (Aliexpress), really cheap but the quality is good.

Last but not least, the bag i'm using (and it's the one i always use) it's actually from Primark aswell and like the jacket it was really cheap and the quality it's good. It has been with me(and my sister, 'cause we use the same clothes and bags) for a really long time now and it's not broken so that has to mean something hahaha.

Okay so i wore this second outfit for lunch with my sister. 
I love the colours in the trousers, they look really cool in summer and it gives my wordrobe a really boho style that i adore 'cause almost everything is black (i'm trying to change that, step by step) and i bought them in Pull&Bear when i came back from london so i don't think they're still there but i saw amazing ones in H&M so if you like this kind of trousers you should check H&M.
I'm wearing a simple white croptop from Zara and i think this summer (for me) it's going to be all about croptops, shirts with cute messages and off-the-shoulder blouses because it's all i've been loving besides jumpsuits.
For the shoes I'm wearing black sandals from Primark with heels (kind of) they're really comfortable and they're from like two years ago so they're not selling them but i think this outfit would look really cute with any kind of sandal depending in your height(i'm small that's why mine have heels) any brown or black sandal/shoe would look cute.
The jacket is exactly the same one as the other outfit 'cause i use it for everything to be honest. 
The bag is from Primark aswell and it's big so it's really good for summer even for night time to put a jumper or something if it gets colder or just suncream and a towel for the pool or just simple things for an everyday use. The choker i'm wearing here it's from Aliexpress and it looks cool with everything to be honest.

For the last outifit, i wore it after the gym to have breakfast with a friend and then we went for a walk at the beach because it was really sunny.

I'm gonna start saying that the jacket is exactly the same for the three outfits so as you already read, it's from Primark haha
I'm wearing the same Croptop as the last one but this is stipped (black and white), it's from zara and i love how they look with this kind of jeans.
My jeans are mum/boyfriend/ jeans from H&M and they're highwaisted but instead of having a zip, they habe buttons and i don't know if i like that or not but, anyway, i like how they look with croptops and white simple shoes or with black cut out boots.
Here i'm wearing a different choker even though you can't notice, this one has a little hansa that i adore.

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