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Hello sunshines!

As you may have noticed it's getting hot (IN HERE SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES) so today i'm gonna be showing you some outfits i've been wearing a lot recently.

I love this outfit (i might say this about all of them lol) because if it's extremly hot i can wear it without tights and i would still like it.

This skirt looks good in all kind of bodies, it might be because it's high waisted i don't know, but i've seen it in a lot of people with different bodies and i liked it in all of them. It looks cool with simple sneakers like the ones that i'm wearing or with black boots (even brown ones!) It's from Stradivarius but you can find the same one in ANY shop right now.

The shirt i'm wearing is from Pull&Bear and says "my mind thinks running. My mouth says pizza!!" and it kinda descrives me to be honest. I love white tees with messages or cool graphics. It actually was a present and i don…