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November Moments

Hello you! Hope you're having a nice time! I can't believe it's actually the first of December! Time flies and now it's almost christmas and i'm loving it!

As you may know in London Christmas ALWAYS comes early and I feel it's been a while since i write a post so i''m just gonna chat about all the cool things that I did this month.
I'm gonna start talking about the day I MET 2/4 OF THE VAMPS MEMBERS *ok, let's calm down* but yeah, first I went to their Fanfest *were i met some lovely girls too* and then in the same week we went to the BBC Radio 1 to try and meet them. The fact is that a lot of girls were acting stupid and osrry but they were being idiots and i hated that, but Connor and Tristan were so lovely i just can't believe that actually happened: 

Another thing is that i went to the Caspar&Joe's Hit The Road premiere and even though that wasn't that good at all because it was full of people and we were standing on a rock tryi…