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Healthy snacks and random May favs

Hello little cherries!

As you may know, it's really hot in Spain now (it's almost summer help us!) and because of that, I tried to be healthy and social. So now I'm going to show you a pair of snacks I did a while ago.

The first one are some carrots. So here's the thing: It's super simple and easy, and just because of that, no one does it. I went to the beach the other day with a good friend of mine and I decided to bring some carrots instead of chips, at first my friend laugh because she never saw someone at the beach with carrots ( like WTF!) but once we sarted eating she though that it was a good idea. And It is! Just because it's really easy, healthy and fresh.

All I did was peeling, cleaning and cutting them, it looked like this:

Another thing i recently did was a easy and fresh smoothie, I used blackberries, banana, yougurt and Ice and it ended up looking like this (It tasted really nice I swear): 

So this is really simple that's why I'm…