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Birthday party outfit idea

Hello little cupcakes. How have you been? It's been a really long time... but I'm back and ready to post a lot! I have been really busy with School and stuff but now it's almost summer and I'm almost done, finally!

Anyway, i'm here to talk about an outfit I wore last night at my friend's 18th birthday party. I tried different ones but this one was the one I loved. I wanted to go casual but kind of well-dressed at the same time, in my town isn't usual to dress like that but I started to stop caring about that and wearing whatever I want and this part was the perfect moment to start because everyone was well dressed (more or less).  Now, I'm going to show you one by one the clothes I wore.

(None of this pictures are mine)
I wore it with a tattoo choker but i think it could good luck with any necklace.  
If you don't know what a tattoo choker is:  

For my make up I did this (not my pictures either):  

So this is it. This was my outfit of the night! I hope yo…