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November Moments

Hello you! Hope you're having a nice time! I can't believe it's actually the first of December! Time flies and now it's almost christmas and i'm loving it!

As you may know in London Christmas ALWAYS comes early and I feel it's been a while since i write a post so i''m just gonna chat about all the cool things that I did this month.
I'm gonna start talking about the day I MET 2/4 OF THE VAMPS MEMBERS *ok, let's calm down* but yeah, first I went to their Fanfest *were i met some lovely girls too* and then in the same week we went to the BBC Radio 1 to try and meet them. The fact is that a lot of girls were acting stupid and osrry but they were being idiots and i hated that, but Connor and Tristan were so lovely i just can't believe that actually happened: 

Another thing is that i went to the Caspar&Joe's Hit The Road premiere and even though that wasn't that good at all because it was full of people and we were standing on a rock tryi…

What do I want to do next?

Hello little pumpkins and welcome to a new post! 

Today I wanted to talk about a couple of things that's happening in my life or that I want to do and how i've been helped to do/know, kind of. 

I've been trying to figure out what I want to study for a year and even thought I still don't know it like a 100%, I'm starting; There's a lot of things that i want to do and that I want to achieve and I want you to be part of it. I really want this blog to work out.

So, the thing is that a really cool spanish blogger/youtuber once wrote about exactly what I was feeling: "what do I want to do next?" and reading her blog post i started to kind of figure it out and I wanted to share it with you. 

She said that you should focus on anything you know that you want, it does't have to be a really serious thing like a job, just something you know that you want, so I thought "okay, the only thing I know is that I want to live in the uk and that I want to be an aupa…

Healthy snacks and random May favs

Hello little cherries!

As you may know, it's really hot in Spain now (it's almost summer help us!) and because of that, I tried to be healthy and social. So now I'm going to show you a pair of snacks I did a while ago.

The first one are some carrots. So here's the thing: It's super simple and easy, and just because of that, no one does it. I went to the beach the other day with a good friend of mine and I decided to bring some carrots instead of chips, at first my friend laugh because she never saw someone at the beach with carrots ( like WTF!) but once we sarted eating she though that it was a good idea. And It is! Just because it's really easy, healthy and fresh.

All I did was peeling, cleaning and cutting them, it looked like this:

Another thing i recently did was a easy and fresh smoothie, I used blackberries, banana, yougurt and Ice and it ended up looking like this (It tasted really nice I swear): 

So this is really simple that's why I'm…

Birthday party outfit idea

Hello little cupcakes. How have you been? It's been a really long time... but I'm back and ready to post a lot! I have been really busy with School and stuff but now it's almost summer and I'm almost done, finally!

Anyway, i'm here to talk about an outfit I wore last night at my friend's 18th birthday party. I tried different ones but this one was the one I loved. I wanted to go casual but kind of well-dressed at the same time, in my town isn't usual to dress like that but I started to stop caring about that and wearing whatever I want and this part was the perfect moment to start because everyone was well dressed (more or less).  Now, I'm going to show you one by one the clothes I wore.

(None of this pictures are mine)
I wore it with a tattoo choker but i think it could good luck with any necklace.  
If you don't know what a tattoo choker is:  

For my make up I did this (not my pictures either):  

So this is it. This was my outfit of the night! I hope yo…